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Build techniques, tips and tools.

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RC Groups building thread part 1
Great documenting of the building process. In the authors words: "Trying to cover everything: This thread will hit on EVERYTHING I can possibly think of To make the model a sucsess for the "never-built-anything" guy (or gal) Covering selections of the mundane to the experienced builder, such as building-boards, Tool selection, Wood selection, etc., etc."
RC Groups building thread part 2
Part 2 of the build thread above.
Flying Sites - R/C Aero Portal - TOP TIPS
Some great general building, workshop and safety tips for modelers.
Foamflyer's RC Tips
Some great building tips, applicable to all models.
Foamflyer's RC Airplanes
Good general building advice, mostly for foamies.
3D printable planes
Great article on something we'll see more of in future: 3D-printable planes.
Airfield Models - Model Building Jigs, Fixtures & Alignment Devices
Jigs and Fixtures allow the model-builder to construct accurate, well-aligned models. Most fixtures can be made by the average modeler.
Airfield Models - How-To Articles for Model Builders
How-To articles for model builders. Includes demonstrated construction and finishing techniques, tools you can make and miscellaneous topics.