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Building Boards

Ideas for building boards.

Narrow it down:


Ultimate Work Bench
The design for this bench is by Gerry Dale. It was published in RCM in April, 2001. This is a building board that is adjustable to remove warps and is easy to work with.
Workbenches and Building Surfaces for Model Building
Excellent article discussing the do's and don'ts of building boards.
How to Make a Magnetic Building Board System to Build Model Aircraft
Using magnets and magnetic jigs to hold the components together makes building easier and faster. This howto shows how to build a fully magnetic building board and jigs.
Airfield Models - Make Fixtures for a Magnetic Building System
How to make sturdy fixtures for a magnetic building system. These are very versatile tools that you will love immediately.
Techniques for Building with Magnets
The magnetic building system is a great way to construct flying model aircraft. Detailed information and plans help you build a magnetic building system.