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Homebuilt tools helpful in building planes

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Strip Cutter and Triangle Cutter
downloadable pdf documents detailing the construction of a balsa strip cutter and a cutter to make triangle stock from square stock.
Beginners Toolkit | Control Chat
A good overview of the basic tools you will need to build and repair your models.
Fun with PVC
PVC pipes and joiners are dirt-cheap, extremely light and very easy to work with. With a little ingenuity, you can make stands for holding you plane while you work on it, for storage or for transportation.
The Tools Money Can't Buy
The Tools Money Can't Buy: Some ideas for homemade tools that make many modeling jobs easier.
Airfield Models - Model Building Tools
Detailed descriptions of a variety of tools used by model-builders. From setting up your shop to selecting an airbrush.
Plane and wing holder
Holders for storage.