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Glass fiber covering

Covering with glass, with or without vacuum bagging.

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A tutorial on covering sheeted balsa surfaces with fiberglass and resin, including painting advice.
Fiberlay howtos
Fiberlay has some great howtos on fiberglassing.
How to Apply Fiberglass Cloth to a Model Aircraft
Fiberglass cloth applied with resin is a time-proven base for a long-wearing, durable finish. It is easier to apply than you might imagine.
The E Zone: The Lost Foam Technique for Making Fiberglass Parts
In the Lost Foam technique, you carve the shape you want in foam, cover the foam shape with layers of fiberglass and epoxy, and then get rid of the foam. Ezone has a nice writeup of the technique.
Basics of Composite Construction
This covers everything, from setting up a workshop, to safety and techniques. Lots of useful info here.
GWS Spitfire Build thread with glassing tutorial
RC groups thread with really good practical advice on glassing