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Making and fine-tuning propellers.

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RC Groups - Stuka scale spinner
Making spinners for a scale look or multi-bladed propellers is normally not very easy. This method produces a good-looking spinner that can be removed by hand and fits the prop perfectly.
Carving Propellers
A step by step guide to carving a helical pitch propeller from balsa, in any size.
Propeller analysis and design.
QPROP is an analysis program for predicting the performance of propeller-motor or windmill-generator combinations. QMIL is a companion propeller/windmill design program.
Prop-calc The fundamentals of making propellers
A nice layout on making and designing micro propellers.
Inside Story - June 2003 - RC Groups
Article about making carbon props using an existing plastic one as a mold
Free Flight Tips - Carve a Balsa Prop Today!!
Propeller carving tutorial.