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Parkjets - Home
Parkjets are small electric powered R/C Parkflyer Aircraft, styled after Military, Sport, and Commuter Jets. This website offers over 80 FREE Building Plans for download, Construction, Flying Tip's and Techniques, for Nano and Micro Sized Parkjets, Profile or Shock-flyer Parkjets, Standard Sized Parkjets, along with LARGE EDF Parkjet Plans!!
A hovering machine
A very cheap and simple build for a plane with great low-speed performance.
A whole range of free plans. French, but the plans are clear.
'Fly Electric' - Indoor/Park Models
Free plans for a few nice park flyers.
Avro Vulcan | Model Aviation
Easy to build, nice looking flat foam model.
Fly Electric-Home
Fly Electric powered model aircraft; convert from glow / IC power; construction techniques; download free software
Is it a boat? Is it a car? Is it a plane? Yes to all three: An amphibious plane. Looks like great fun.
Free vintage and old-timer plans, Lots of plans here.
Great drawings for foam planes
Free plans from RC groups