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For the Solite Challenged
An excellent 5-page article by Martin Hunter with lots of photos explaining exactly how to cover balsa structures with Solite film. This is applicable to any film covering.
How to Do Curves - Smooth Air
Using film covering on flat surfaces with curved shapes.
Covering with Colours - Smooth Air
Using different colours on the same part. Note: This is a 2-page article. the link at the bottom is not clear on this.
Layering With Solite - Smooth Air
Using multiple film layers for stunning effects.
Flame the Plane
How to draw and apply freehand designs to your covering.
E Zone: Covering foam with Silkspan or fiberglass, and Minwax Polycrylic
Minwax Polycrylic may be a safer, viable substitute for epoxy resin when fiberglassing raw polystyrene foam.
RC Groups - Doculam Discoveries!
Document laminating film makes a hard, strong covering material.
RCU Magazine How-To - How to Covering
Some pretty good instructions here.
Applying Trim Designs with Heat Shrink Plastic Film
Applying trim designs to heat shrink plastic film covering on RC airplanes.
Flite Metal..."For The Look Of The Real Thing"
A very realistic metal-look for your next scale model.
Covering with japanese tissue
How to work with japanese tissue to get a wrinkle-free covering.
Model Research Labs
Good info on covering with mylar and polyspan, plus some other building tips
Covering Weights (Sorted by Weight)
Easy comparison of covering material weights.