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Foam Cutting

Tips, techniques and some foamcutters to build.

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Foam core cutting guidelines
An article showing how to prepare to cut wing cores with minimum chance of messing up. From the author of compufoil airfoil software.
CNC Foam-cutting Services
Service for cutting wing cores from templates or coordinates.
Tekoa foam cutting machines
Tekoa offers a range of foamcutters, from hand foam cutting bows,gravity driven foamcutters to CNC foamcutters. Not cheap, but worth a look.
EPP Foam Cutter Plans and instructions on cutting foam. A very detailed write-up.
Lead Sled Alley - December 2002 - RC Groups
A simple foam cutter. This type of cutter may not be as elegant as the off-the-shelf systems, but it is very simple and affordable.
Homemade foam cutters
Thread with lots of homemade foam cutter links and advice
Hot wire foam cutter
Cheap ($30 -) and easy to build hot wire foam cutter made from commonly available parts. Cuts styrofoam for surfboards, model plane wings, sculpture, ...
Building a Hot Wire Foam Cutter
Upright foam cutter photo tutorial. This cutter operates like a scroll saw.
Make your own hotwire foam cutter
A scrollsaw-like foam cutter.
HD Foam Cutting and shaping
Some general info on foamcutting and foam selection.
EPP Foam Cutter Plans and detailed instructions.
EPP Foam Cutting and Shaping
Good long article on foamcutting and working with EPP foam
Listing of the types of foam used in modelling,, and what they are good for.