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RC Groups - Six Keys to Success for New Pilots
Keeping these six things in mind should make your first flights much easier.
What Plane to recommend as a 1st Plane ?
Reviews of beginner/trainer planes, with some general advice on what to look for in a trainer plane as well.
RC Groups - Which ready-to-fly kit?
RTF electric parkflyers for beginners. If you are looking for your first plane, you should find something here to pique your interest.
A guide for people switching from glow to electric.
Model Aviation: From the Ground Up
A great set of articles by Bob Aberle.
A short but practical guide to RC flying for beginners.
Alan's Modelling links
A long listing of all kinds of hobby and modelling links. One of the starting points for modeling info.
Lots of great information on electric flight. You can add to the info on the site, or change and correct existing information.
RC Plane Guide
the RC Plane Guide is a good resource with tips on building and flying RC airplanes and helicopters.
You Might Be An RC Modeler If
That just about says it all.
Glossary of Airplane Terms
A comprehensive glossary.
RCU - ETOC 2005
Videos of the Electric Tournament Of Champions routines. These guys can fly! The first video in the list is an excellent example of variable pitch prop maneuvers.
Daffy Definitions
Some funny aviation terms...
These gems come from the world of full-scale aviation, but some of them also fit very well in our scaled-down, fly-with-your-thumbs-while-standing-on-the-ground, world.
So You Want to Learn to Fly an Airplane While Keeping Your Feet on the Ground?
Great advice on getting started in model flying.
Model Links
Alphabetic listing of lots of modelling links
Thirty Thousand Feet - Radio Control (R/C) Aircraft
Links to Radio Control (R/C) Aircraft Web sites.
Sailplane Links
Links to sailplane sites, but a lot of this is applicable to electrics.
Hacker powered videos
A great selection of big downloadable videos of planes flying with Hacker brushless motors. The Jason Schulman ones and the Diablotin video are amazing.
Futaba Glossary of Terms
Futaba has a very comprehensive list of terms used in the RC world. Well worth a bookmark if you don't know what a specific term means.
British Model Flying Association Handbook 2010
A comprehensive guide to safe model flying. Some of the content is specific to British flyers, but most is applicable everywhere.
The Oops List
Flying mishaps.
Hooked on RC Airplanes - Where flying radio control is more than a Hobby!
Plunge into the most addicting yet extremely rewarding hobby of flying RC airplanes with this crash course in model aviation. Just a heads up, once bitten by the bug you will never be the same! | Getting started
Great resource for getting started.
Lots of answers and links to content
Airfield Models - Radio Control Flying Aircraft and Display Models
Airfield Models is an excellent resource for all model-builders. Content includes demonstrated construction techniques, how-to's, tips, RC engine information and help with tool selection.
A basic guide to electric flight from Hobbyking
R/C Sailplanes
This site contains information about R/C Sailplanes; handlaunch, scale, and combat gliders.
R/C Sailplane Glossary
Glossary of terms used in R/C airplane and other models.
Getting Started in Electrics - FoamFlyer's RC Airplanes
General advice for beginners.
Getting started info from Flitetest