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Power Supplies


EZone charger basics
Nice basic tutorial on chargers.
E Zone: Battery Charger History
A short history of electric flight battery charging over the last 20-odd years.
E Zone: Lithium chargers
Information on charging Lithium and a review of some chargers.
Ezone review of 4 lipoly chargers
A comparison review of 4 modern lithium-polymer chargers.
RC Groups charge balancers
Various charge balancing circuits.
EZone charger article
some basics of how to build a charger. This article is pretty technical, but some good info.
EZone review of the Great Planes Triton charger
This charger is still one of the best selling chargers on the market. After reading this review you will understand why.
RC Groups - Cheap Lithium Charger for Electronics Tinkerers
This charger is very basic, but very cheap, if you are willing to build it yourself.