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DIY speed controllers

DIY speed controller designs and building tips.


DIY designs for brushed controllers - RC Groups
Several designs for brushed controllers.
DIY brushless ESC designs - RC Groups
Several designs for brushless controllers.
Air Craft CD-ROM Motor instructions
Nice instructions on assembling the ACW CD motor.
cd-rom tricks - RC Groups
Lots of tips and tricks for constructing CD-Rom motors.
CD Motor Winding For Thumbies -- The Classic 17 Turn - RC Groups
A simple winding tutorial for 17 turn CD-Rom motors.
StrongRC Instruction Docs
Building instructions for the StrongRCmotors range of DIY CDRom motors. They also sell a DVD detailing the build process. stocks everything from stock CD-ROM drives to magnets, wire and custom hardware.
Yahoo group: building high-torque brushless e-motors
A group for discussing LRK high torque DIY motors.
DIY Electronic Speed Controller links
Some useful links to esc designs and theory.
Electronic Speed Controller
This ESC is based on Mike Norton's design.
Smart PPM Decoder
A way to prevent glitches on you small, light receiver.
Cdrom motors
A guide to building brushless motors from cd rom drives.
LRK Site
LRK motors: Outrunners with great torque. The site explains the workings of the motor, some measurements and also sells kits.
Motor Rotor Calculator
Interesting motor calculator, giving you a lot of info based on physical parameters. For building your own motors.