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Standard cylindrical and prismatic battery sizes, primary rechargeable battery size chart added in /batteries/
Cylindrical and prismatic Battery sizes and weights information for design engineers added in /motors/diy/
Motor building and rewinding information and tools for the amateur electric motor builder. added in /motors/diy/
Great article on rewiring a broken outrunner, with diagrams and links to further info
Why it is is rotating so slow? added in /motors/theory/brushless/
An explanation of why a brushless outrunner motor turns slower, but with higher torque than a normal inrunner motor
GitHub - sim-/tgy: tgy -- Open Source Firmware for ATmega-based Brushless ESCs added in /esc/design/diy/
tgy -- Open Source Firmware for ATmega-based Brushless ESCs added in /esc/design/diy/
An open source DIY brushless controller. Great project!
SPEEDY-BL added in /esc/design/diy/
A kit brushless controller, up to 40 amps
:: Build your own 40A Electronic Speed Controller for RC Models :: added in /esc/design/diy/
How to build a simple analog yet quite powerful - up to 40A constant current - one-way fully proportional electronic speed controller for brushed motors? You can find the schematic diagram, the components layout, the PCB layout, the components list, some pictures of my own ESC, and other useful information....
How does a brushless electric motor work? | HowStuffWorks added in /motors/theory/brushless/
Discover the differences between the "normal" electric motor and a brushless electric motor that make brushless electric motors more efficient. local place page. added in /community/organisations/
Browse the database of places or visit places near you.
RC Sport Flyer Store added in /suppliers/
Content and products for drone, RC airplane, helicopter, glider, and sailplane hobbyists, enthusiasts and professional pilots of all ages and skill levels.
UAV and Model Airplane Design, Building and Flying | added in /building/flying/
Daily tips and articles about radio controlled (RC) model airplane design, model airplane building, model airplane flying, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).
Foamflyer's RC Airplanes added in /building/
Good general building advice, mostly for foamies.
NASAScale - National Association of Scale Aeromodelers added in /community/organisations/
The official Scale Aeromodeling Special Interest Group (SIG) of the Academy of Model Aeronautics encompassing Radio Control, Control Line and Free Flight.
Hooked on RC Airplanes - Where flying radio control is more than a Hobby! added in /general/beginners/
Plunge into the most addicting yet extremely rewarding hobby of flying RC airplanes with this crash course in model aviation. Just a heads up, once bitten by the bug you will never be the same!
Tutorials added in /building/vacuumbagging/
Tutorials and How-To articles on a wide range of projects that you can do yourself along with a complete list of the materials needed, all of which you can get at CST.
Stevens AeroModel added in /building/suppliers/
Model Airplane and Boat Kits engineered to perfection and Laser Cut by Stevens AeroModel. Also has a great blog.
The Electric Flyers Only added in /community/organisations/
Ken Myers is a long-time proponent of electric flight, and puts out a regular newsletter, the Ampeer.
ElectriFly Electric R/C Aircraft - RC Airplanes and accessories added in /suppliers/
Electric R/C aircraft accessories
BalsaBuilder – The Model Builder's Publication added in /building/balsa/
Magazine with specific info for balsa builders.