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10 Electric Planes to Watch - IEEE Spectrum added in /fullsize/
Solar and other all-electric planes are getting more practical to use. This should be interesting to see evolve.
devCad, devFus, devWing, devFoam | Cad and Cam applications added in /design/cad/
software for cad and cam drawing:
A Guide to Understanding LiPo Batteries - Roger's Hobby Center added in /batteries/lipoly/
Lipo battery guidelines: Use and charging
How to apply cut vinyl graphics to your model added in /
An article covering some of the basic techniques in preparation and application of vinyl graphics to your model airplane or boat.
Covering Weights (Sorted by Weight) added in /building/covering/
Easy comparison of covering material weights.
Nickel-based Batteries Information – Battery University added in /batteries/nicd_nimh/
Learn about the differences of nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal-hydride along with the advantages, limitations and consumer applications of each.
Motor control tutorial added in /esc/design/
All the principles of electric motor control.
Motor Rotor Calculator added in /motors/diy/
Interesting motor calculator, giving you a lot of info based on physical parameters. For building your own motors.
Kapton Tapes added in /motors/building/suppliers/
Seller of Kapton high temperatute tapes, sutiable for motor winding insulation. The tapes are made from Kapton polyimide film with silicon adhesive.
Sailplane Links added in /general/greatsites/
Links to sailplane sites, but a lot of this is applicable to electrics.
Thrust Vectoring Made Easy added in /sig/weird/
Interesting modification to a foamy for motor thrust vectoring
The Complete R/C Websites Index, Database added in /general/greatsites/
The Complete R/C Websites Index. RC Links, r/c websites, Over 3200 indexed radio control links from all over the world. R/C electronics.
Cold Sawn Cores added in /sig/floats/
Float building tutorial
float flying links added in /sig/floats/
List of links for float flying.
Molding/Bagging Threads - RC Groups added in /building/molding/
A compilation of Molding/Bagging Threads for Composites Fabrication
Thirty Thousand Feet - Radio Control (R/C) Aircraft added in /general/greatsites/
Links to Radio Control (R/C) Aircraft Web sites.
Make your own hotwire foam cutter added in /building/foamcutting/
A scrollsaw-like foam cutter.
Building a Hot Wire Foam Cutter added in /building/foamcutting/
Upright foam cutter photo tutorial. This cutter operates like a scroll saw.
Hot wire foam cutter added in /building/foamcutting/
Cheap ($30 -) and easy to build hot wire foam cutter made from commonly available parts. Cuts styrofoam for surfboards, model plane wings, sculpture, ...
Homemade foam cutters added in /building/foamcutting/
Thread with lots of homemade foam cutter links and advice