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Free Flight Tips - Carve a Balsa Prop Today!! added in /propellers/building/
Propeller carving tutorial.
Darren Bos's mini connector added in /connectors/
Diy micro connectors.
Covering Models with Tissue and Mylar added in /building/covering/
Interesting technique: covering with tissue over mylar.
REINFORCEMENT FABRICS added in /building/covering/glassing/
Listing the reinforcement fabric used to strengthen and cover models.
FOAM TYPES added in /building/foamcutting/
Listing of the types of foam used in modelling,, and what they are good for.
Making rudder and elevator hinges.
WING CONSTRUCTION FOR VACUUM TECHNIQUE added in /building/vacuumbagging/
Detailed vacuum bagging article
Plane and wing holder added in /building/tools/
Holders for storage.
Record-setting electric plane tows glider up into the sky in seconds added in /sig/fullsize/
Siemens has just announced that an electric aerobatic plane powered by its latest motor has nabbed two world speed records. The Extra 330LE electric test plane also became the first in the world to tow a glider up into the skies.
Airfield Models - Formulas Used with Flying Model Aircraft added in /calculators/
Useful formulas for model-aircraft builders. How to locate the Mean Aerodynamic Chord (MAC), determine the Wing Area, Wing Loading, Aspect Ratio and various other simple to calculate formulas.
Depron Cutting and Shaping added in /building/depron/
Long and detailed article on Depron techniques.
EPP Foam Cutting and Shaping added in /building/foamcutting/
Good long article on foamcutting and working with EPP foam
Indoor's page added in /sig/micro/
Advice, plans and links to suppliers for micro models
Airfield Models - Model Aircraft Covering and Finishing Materials added in /building/covering/
Covering and finishing materials for model airplanes.
Airfield Models - How to Fiberglass Small Model Aircraft Parts added in /building/covering/glassing/
How to Apply Fiberglass Cloth to Small Model Aircraft Parts.
Airfield Models - Apply Fiberglass Cloth to a Model Aircraft Wing added in /building/covering/glassing/
How to Apply Fiberglass Cloth to a Model Aircraft Wing.
Airfield Models - Applying Fiberglass Cloth to a Model Aircraft added in /building/covering/glassing/
How to Apply Fiberglass Cloth to a Model Aircraft.
How to Silk a Model Aircraft Wing added in /building/covering/
Silk is an unusual covering, but can make for a spectacular model. Learn how to cover with silk and silk dyeing.
Airfield Models - Make Fixtures for a Magnetic Building System added in /building/boards/
How to make sturdy fixtures for a magnetic building system. These are very versatile tools that you will love immediately.
Techniques for Building with Magnets added in /building/boards/
The magnetic building system is a great way to construct flying model aircraft. Detailed information and plans help you build a magnetic building system.