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weird models

Strange and unusual models. A collection of weird and wonderful designs.

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Inter-Ex Overview
Inter-Ex is a contest for unusual, innovative designs. The real aim of Inter-Ex is to promote experimentation in model flying and the development of unusual flying objects by swapping experiences, ideas, suggestions and details of construction methods.
Experimental aircraft on show. Some really strange designs here.
Project-Robotic Samara, Autonomous Vehicle Laboratory, Clark School of Engineering, University of Maryland
The Automous Vehicle Laboratory in the Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland, where a mono-wing helicopter is being developed as a UAV.
Festo AirJelly -- Engadget
We'd explain this thing, but we're really having trouble taking our eyes off of it long enough to string some full sentences together.
Whimsical flyers
Whimsical flyers, mostly foam creations. They fly, but they sure don't look like airplanes!
Thrust Vectoring Made Easy
Interesting modification to a foamy for motor thrust vectoring