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Flying boats and aircraft equipped with floats.

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'Fly Electric' - Float Flying
A great article on designing, building and flying with floats.
$1.97 Floats - RC Groups
Step by step tutorial on building your own floats for a Slow Stik from foam board.
Skis and Floats
Float and ski builds and information. Lots of good info here.
Data - Free plans and great links on the web - RC Groups
Most of these are not electric, but this is a great list of plans and links to float planes and waterplanes.
Flying boat design - Ivan's plans
Flying off water is fun, but there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind when converting a plane to floats.
Fly RC - Make Your Own Park Flyer Floats
These simple foam floats are very easy to make in an evening and are suitable for many lightweight park flyer type models.
Cold Sawn Cores
Float building tutorial
float flying links
List of links for float flying.