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Brushless motor suppliers


The Axi range of outrunners from Model Motors is a very well-known, widely used brand.
Kapton tapes
Kapton heat resistant tape is ideal for isolation of diy motor windings. This company supplies Kapton tape in various sizes.
NOMEX (NOMEX 410) aramid paper sheets and tubes are available through the Professional Plastics website. Nomex is used for isolation on diy motor windings.
WONDERMAGNET.COM - NdFeB Magnets, Magnet Wire, Books, Weird Science, Needful Things
Supplier of Neodymium magnets for motor building and other modeling tasks.
Scorpion Power System
Scorpion makes brushless outrunner motors and accessories
Kapton Tapes
Seller of Kapton high temperatute tapes, sutiable for motor winding insulation. The tapes are made from Kapton polyimide film with silicon adhesive.