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Future developments

Battery technology is changing fast, driven by the portable computing and automotive sectors. Here's a look at some developments that might trickle down to electric flight over the next couple of years.

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Fuel cells


ECS Home Page
The electrochemical society will probably have info on all the cutting-edge battery developments.
Toshiba preps minute-charge 'miracle' battery | The Register
Toshiba has developed a Lithium-Ion battery capable of being charged to 80 per cent of its full capacity in under 60 seconds. Filling it up takes just "a few more minutes", the company boasted today.
Lithium Sulfur
Sion Power Corporation is developing this technology, which promises double the energy density of Lipos.
Technology Review: High-Energy Batteries Coming to Market
Rechargeable zinc-air batteries can store three times the energy of a lithium-ion battery.