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Airfoil design and printing

Software to design and print airfoils.

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Profili airfoil management, drawing and analysis software
Profili is an excellent program for choosing and drawing airfoils, with thousands of airfoils, including polars to determine performance, and facilities to draw spars, lightening holes, blending root to tip, smooth chord changes, and much more. Shareware (You choose how much) or an older, more limited freeware version is available.
Easily produce foam template, built up wings, leading edge shaping guides, and planforms. You simply specify the basic geometry of the wing, as well as any spars, holes, building tabs, etc., and CompuFoil does the rest. Shareware from $38.
KelComp - NACA Airfoils
An oldish shareware ($20) program to print NACA airfoils. Dates from 1998.
Mostly in French, but this looks like a capable program.
DreeseCODE DesignFOIL
DesignFOIL is an airfoil development program for Windows.