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Wiring tips

Pinouts for the common receivers and servos, together with some wiring tips for less interference.

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Servo Wiring Diagrams
wire color codes and pinouts for the big 4 brands of servo.
Servo pinouts
Pinouts for Airtronics, futaba and JR
3-Strand Trick Braiding
How to braid 3 strands (3 servo wires) without taking apart the ends. This minimises interference. (Adult warning: This is an, um, leatherworking site)
Servo Plugs
Airtronics, futaba, JR and Hitec plug layouts in colour and 3D.
What About the Wires?
Power wiring experiments.
On Fuses in Electric Flight
Using fuses may save your plane. Some great fusing tips here.
Electric Flight Wiring
Great advice on wiring your motor, including selection of switches and wire.